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Unravelling the Narine mystery

It’s hard to remain a mystery today, what with all the footage available for replays in slow-motion and every player painstakingly scrutinised. The action has shifted from the 22 yards to the editing table. Yet Sunil Narine continues to beat technology and stay ahead of most analyses. Even though he has been scanned time and again, he […]

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How does one bowl to Gayle?

Following the incredible Chris Gayle spectacle in Bangalore earlier this week, cricketers around the world must be wondering exactly what this man did to produce such a performance – besides having pancakes, an omelette and hot chocolate for breakfast, which will now probably be declared the staple diet for T20 batsmen everywhere. Gayle made the Pune Warriors bowlers look schoolboyish, […]

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Tamil Nadu ban on Sri Lankans shocking and hypocritical

The decision by the Tamil Nadu state government to prohibit thirteen Sri Lankan players, playing in the IPL, from entering the state, isn’t just shocking but also inexplicable. While the atrocities on Tamils in Sri Lanka are well documented and the anger is justified too, it doesn’t take much to scratch the veneer and figure […]