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Where are India's next Test openers?

Indian cricket has become a strange beast of late. Confused, condemned and quite incomprehensible – much like Frankenstein’s monster. While the selectors fumble for answers and the board finds itself in a tight spot, the average Indian fan is left bemused. What happens to Indian cricket from here on is the question that looms large […]

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Wake up or lose the fans!!

They say ‘If you fail to prepare, you must prepare to fail too.’ This couldn’t be truer for sports, for there’s always a time to think and prepare, and then act and execute. Cricket too functions on the same premise. This preparation—which is both physical and mental, must happen in the pre-match stretch, while the […]

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Playing the Reverse Swing

Quashing all the many “educated guesses”, Eden Gardens has sprung a surprise for many of us who believed it would help the spinners during the third Test. Instead, fast bowler James Anderson proved to be the giant-killer with his persuasive reverse swing. Conventional wisdom has it that the inswinger is the most lethal delivery when the […]

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Fletcher has been conspicuous by his absence!!

Gary Kirsten is by far considered to be the best coach the Indian cricket team has ever had. He did a fine job in managing the resources he was given, for he mastered the art of getting the best out of them. Since he didn’t have to oversee transition, he didn’t even bother to do […]

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Why fast bowlers are dropping pace 'voluntarily'?

So, what’s in fashion this cricket season? It isn’t a particular brand and its gear, neither sporting a tattoo, nor a flashy hair style—our generation next cricketers have moved beyond such fads. The in-thing that I talk of is, bizarrely, a whole new understanding of the game, a version which is difficult to make sense […]