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The Genius who redefined opening in Test Cricket

Those were the days when Virender Sehwag was cutting his teeth into junior level cricket—the moment he’d walk into bat in a domestic match, we’d throw the ball to the medium pacer in the side and ask him to bowl bouncers. Such tasks were never easy for them. Sehwag used to bat in the lower […]

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Cook has Spiced Up the Series

More than the outcome and its eventual implications on the Test series, the first Test match between India and England is bound to be remembered for two things—first, the innings of great substance by a young boy trying to find a foot in International cricket, and second, the display of patience and extraordinary skills by […]

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Onus on England to Make this Series Interesting

In the days leading up to the first Test match between India and England, one could almost feel the Indian team’s pain inflicted by England a year ago. India was beaten comprehensively in all three departments during the course of those four one-sided Test matches and every statement from the Indian camp in the last […]

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Memo to Sehwag

What makes Virender Sehwag such a special player? I’ve often mulled over this question—is it his monk like stillness on the crease even while playing the most outrageous shots, that both charms and baffles. Or, is it his supreme eye-hand co-ordination backed with remarkable bat speed that compels you to marvel at his inimitable flair. […]

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For the Love of the Game

Memories of the majestic Armani Hotel in Dubai zip past my mind. That evening, immaculately orchestrated musical fountains had made for a beautiful backdrop for a rendezvous with friends over some delectable kebabs. Two months later, as I now spend time in a small district called Nadaun in Himachal Pradesh, that awe-inspiring opulence comes back […]

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The Curious Case of S Badrinath

The day Laxman announced his retirement it looked like S Badrinath had got a fresh lease of life. As one would’ve thought, he was fittingly drafted into the Indian Test team for the series against New Zealand. Nobody deserved to be picked for the Indian Test team more than S Badrinath, for he’d been scoring […]

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Concerns Remain But Still Plenty to Look Forward to--Ranji Trophy 2012-13

The air is thick with nervous energy. Another year of Indian domestic cricket kicks off tomorrow, this one unique in many ways. Most first-class cricketers have been busy priming themselves for an arduous five months of incessant cricket, putting in hours of daily practice, ironing out the chinks, strategizing and planning. While the new set […]