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Who is Mentoring Young Indian Cricketers?

To the first ball Manish Pandey faced, from medium-pacer Deepak Chahar, he walked down the track and played a wild swish, missing by a foot. It was perhaps the first time in my 15 years of first-class cricket that I saw a frontline batsman act so recklessly at the beginning of an important innings. Was it a […]

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Flatter, Faster, Weaker--Spin in India is on a Serious Decline

When Chris Gayle hit Rahul Sharma for five consecutive sixes in an IPL match in April, I found myself wondering not about Gayle’s brute strength or his ability to hit sixes at will but the spinner’s response to the onslaught. Would he slow it down, bowl a googly or try a big spinner? Sharma changed his lines and lengths, […]

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Educating Players is the First Step in Tackling Corruption

This isn’t the first time that corruption in cricket has been exposed. Sadly it won’t be the last either. Blame me for being a cynic, but such are the times. India TV’s uncovering of the sleaze that has found its way into the country’s cricket may have left romantics like me dismayed, but we’re perhaps the […]

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India-A Selection--Are We Rewarding the Performers?

  Picking a team is undeniably a tricky job, yet, it is relatively straightforward too. I say ‘tricky’—because of the ethical and intellectual obligation that is inevitable. And straightforward—because majority of the players select themselves. The task of selection, at most times, is never about more than a couple of players. When Varun Aaron got […]

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Take A Bow, BCCI

The news that the BCCI has decided to dole out a large sum of money earned from IPL playoff games as rewards to ex-cricketers is wonderful. Contrary to popular perception, cricket wasn’t always rich in India. In the old days there was very little in the game by way of financial reward, and in fact, cricket asked […]