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Sachin Tendulkar--The Mentor

What if a mentor gave you something to take home besides the usual school book facts? What if he believed in inspiring you to learn, making himself progressively unnecessary? And what if he never told, explained, or instructed, but simply pushed you stealthily in his own little way – He may not know, but silently, the […]

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 The Man Behind The Deadlocks Revealed

There are not too many people who make me feel like a tiny speck from Lilliput suddenly confronted by a colossal Gulliver—after all, at 5’9”, I’m nicely placed to see the world at an eye level. But this one man did, several feet ahead of me, and more than a couple of inches wider too. […]

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Fast Bowlers Are Winning Matches In IPL

Morne Morkel bowled two immaculate yorkers to clean up Kallis and Tiwary in two consecutive deliveries. Dale Steyn’s pace was a bit too much to handle for the dangerous Richard Levi. Lasith Malinga made Manish Pandey dance to his tunes before ending his misery. If you missed seeing these dismissals and were told that all this happened […]

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My IPL Confessions

Guess what’s in vogue this season? Not yellows, purples, high heels and all that—I wouldn’t know a zilch—but the monstrous IPL. The lad’s getting awfully lambasted this time—he’s wondering why?! He’s in search of Frankenstein. Perhaps, he should head London. Just a mere insinuation of his name ‘Indian Premier League’ (some call him ‘hit and […]

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IPL--A Look At The Silver Lining

Many believe the IPL to be a nothing but ‘hit and giggle cricket’—it is cash rich, fast, colorful and entertaining. Yet, not really cricket. Players with specific skill set rule the roost while the sponsors and franchisees make hay while the sun shines. The audience too seems to revel in its larger than life persona. […]