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Vijay Hazare Trophy Needs a Revamp

The ‘wise men’ have a tough job in hand, for once. The onus of curative action—after India’s abysmal showing overseas now lies solely with them. With India dismantling the Sri Lankan attack in a crucial game of the CB series, there is every chance of a warped sense of satisfaction to seep in—we must realize […]

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Domestic Cricket Needed An Overhaul Not Slight Tinkering

Now that the bowlers in first-class cricket will be allowed to bowl a couple of bouncers per over in a fifty-over game, knock-out matches will last five days, Duleep trophy will happen before the Ranji season and Irani after the both of them—we shall be the number 1 side in the world very soon. Blame […]

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Dinda and Awana Should Be Nurtured

While much of the Indian domestic season is remembered for the big hundreds scored by batsmen on rather lifeless surfaces, it would be a good idea to look out for men who swam against the tide and yet went unnoticed. Though there are a few bowlers who did better than the rest, my pick of […]

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What Describes 'Indian Cricket' The Best--My Essay for Manorama Yearbook 2012

What describes ‘Indian Cricket’ the best? – Its honors, its medals, its records, its eleven illustrious men who don the Tri Color and win the country its accolades? Or its grit that has endured all to make it rise from the shadows of subjugation, stand up, challenge the odds and fight the existing hegemony and […]

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Sehwag's Legacy Is In His Hands

His splendid records rebuff rules, unabashedly, especially the ‘golden’ impregnable ones—they aren’t sacred after all, they quietly quip. Perhaps, it is this defiance, studied nonchalance really, that makes Sehwag so enduring—his two definitive triple centuries in Test cricket, highest individual score of 219 in ODIs, a Test average of 51 at a game changing strike […]

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Does Rotation Work For India?

Indian cricket, of late, seems to have completely wrapped itself around the idea of ‘Rotation Policy’—what is it, after all? The concept took form when Australian cricket reached its crescendo in the early 2000s. These were times when they were not only indomitable at both home and away, but the manner in which they decimated […]

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Invincible At Home, Vulnerable Away

How intriguing it was to watch Pakistan’s Saeed Ajmal and Abdur Rehman spin a web around the English batsmen—the resilient English willow reduced to a mere prop during the proceedings. While one marveled at their knack of rolling the arm so proficiently, the technical deficiency of the World’s best Test team was indeed bewildering. Most […]

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How Good Is Duleep Trophy?

How good is the Duleep Trophy? Logically, a tournament played between five zones comprising of the best players from each of them ought to be good—right? Then why are the voices calling for the scrapping of this coveted tournament getting louder by the day? Well, since most of these appeals are coming straight from the […]

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Fletcher Must Ensure A Seamless Transition

When Duncan Fletcher took over the reigns of the Indian cricket team, it was, perhaps, one of the most enviable jobs in the cricketing world—the Indian team had not only won the World Cup after 28 years, but was also the best Test team in the world. Moreover, India had a stable captain in Dhoni […]