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Batsmen For The Future

Amidst all the hoopla around the tour to Australia—being touted as the ‘Battle Royale’, a fight for ascendancy and honor, a reiteration of our grit, and all the rest—we seem to be missing a far more intriguing point. This will perhaps be the last time we’d be seeing the three Greats of Indian Test Cricket—Tendulkar, […]

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Small-Town Heroes Make It Count

What a marvelously invigorating 2011 it has been for cricket aficionados – a restless 28 years of wait finally paid off when MSD and his men presented the country its second World Cup trophy. Who would have imagined a man from Jharkhand – domestically a Plate Division team – to pilot the force marshaled of […]

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Memo to India's Bowlers - India Down Under

While batting is undoubtedly India’s strength, it’s not possible to make an impression without having the arsenal to take 20 wickets in a Test match. After all, winning a Test match isn’t all about scoring more runs than the opposition, that too, but more importantly it’s about dismissing the opposition twice. In fact, our batting […]

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Openers' Guide - India Down Under

‘Opening’ is the key to success in Australia. It’s important to set the right tone, since the quality of the start is bound to influence the final outcome of the match in most cases. If you give Australians an inch, they are sure to take a mile. If you give them a good opening, rest […]

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'Change The Trend'--How India's 2003-04 Tour Down Under Unfolded

We were set for Australia—strategies had been meticulously worked out, team combinations had been finalized and all of us were buoyant with energy so palpable. Last minute touch up was important—and psychologist Sandy Gordon’s interactive session did the trick. Gordon knew what we needed to hear—his words bolstered our resolve. He also gave us a […]

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First Class Not Secondary

At the cost of sounding cynical, I’d like to introduce you to a fine young man, 24 years old currently playing his second season of first class cricket. In his debut season a year ago, he’d heaped runs in hundreds and made everyone sit up and take notice—to pull off a stellar performance on your […]

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Tour to Australia 2003-04--The Final Touches

Once the groundwork—which included speaking to coaches and senior pros, watching and analyzing videos of Australian bowlers, delineating my role and warming up mentally—was laid, I looked all set to board the flight to Melbourne, via Adelaide. If the first phase of research (which I dwelled upon in Part I of this three part series) […]

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Archaic Ranji Points System Needs a Revamp

We, Rajasthan, finished a Ranji Trophy game last week in which the result got decided only in the third session of the fourth day – nail-biting, one would say. Punjab had scored a mammoth 597 after batting first, while Rajasthan fell short by 100 in the pursuit. Had we batted another few overs and scored […]

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Conquering Australia--Part-I

Much emphasis has been laid on the process of ‘preparation’ lately—especially after the debacle in England earlier this year. What is preparation? How does one prepare?—popped up many a times during the post result analysis. While I believe preparation to be a personal prerogative, some key aspects ought to be included in the larger blueprint. […]

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Spinners Aren't Spinning The Ball In Domestic Cricket

The batsman sees the ball in the air bowled by an off-spinner and plants his front foot on the line of the off stump, for he anticipates the ball to pitch just outside the and turn into him after pitching. He ensures that the foot is neither too across (fearing to over-commit) nor too straight […]