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Railways Still Living in Stone Age

Imagine reading a ‘CAUTION’ sign board on a cricket ground saying—do not play fast bowlers in the nets, you could break either your fingers or toes. You’d be amused, right? Well, even though the sign board is a bit of an exaggeration, the state of this pitch isn’t—the ball either keeps alarmingly low or flies […]

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Test Cricket Needs Both Context and Contest

The talk of Test Cricket on its last legs, on its way out—could be a real possibility. What else does one make of empty stadia which till a few years ago boasted of huge turnouts, even it be a lackluster series. But wait—is it only the longer format of the game which is failing to […]

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Are We Prepared For Australia?

Now that the series against the West Indies is in the bag, is it worth asking how we should’ve treated it? Should it have been viewed as an excellent opportunity to ascertain our dominance at home, which we have now, or just as an antidote to forget the humiliation in England? Whichever way, the fact […]

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How Ranji Trophy Pitches Reward Mediocrity

It is heartening that the first round of the Ranji trophy created a flutter — if certain stats are to be believed, it generated more interest than some of the matches in the Champions League. We, the First Class cricketers, are used to playing in empty stadia, performing only for scorers and the selectors. This […]

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Ashwin shouldn't compromise on instincts

A few years ago, while still playing the age-group tournaments for Tamil Nadu, R Ashwin the batsman may have certainly fantasized bagging the prestigious Man-of-the-Match trophy on his Test debut – as we all do. But to claim that for bowling and that too by scalping nine wickets would’ve been way to unbelievable even for […]

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The Rahul Sharma Fiasco

Rahul Sharma’s incredible ascent to the Indian dressing room within a span of a few odd months, in spite of being debatable, hasn’t been a complete shocker – after all, this tall leg spinner from Punjab has an uncanny knack of wheedling out extra bounce from not-so-juicy pitches. More, he has dismissed no less than […]

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Rajasthan--Underdogs No More

Last year, around this time, as teams in the elite and plate divisions of the first-class circuit primed for another season of top-quality cricket, we, team no. 27—Rajasthan, last in the tally, only hoped to survive the onslaught. Winning the highest honor – The Ranji Trophy, was a preposterous contemplation, what was realistic was to […]