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T20 missing attacking captaincy

T20 cricket is designed to suit the aggressive brand of cricket, or so it has been perceived by the players and sold to the audience by its managers. Twenty overs of non-stop action in which every player brings forth his attacking instincts is what this format has become synonymous with. Batsmen aren’t shy of taking […]

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Don't settle with a Test win...Win the series

Coach John Wright’s brazen words still ring fresh in my ears. Right after the famous win at Multan again the Pakistanis, he’d warned us “Enjoy this but don’t celebrate too much. Keep that for the end of the series’. Beating Pakistan in a Test match was special and beating them in their own backyard after […]

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I still believe that India can win at Lord's

The Indian broadcaster ‘Star Sports’ deserves credit for introducing an exciting new feature during the first Test match of the England-India series—the swing-meter. Never before was it possible for the viewer to judge how much the ball swung in the air. Now, the moment it reaches high twenties, one can see the level of discomfort […]

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England have been gracious hosts at Trent Bridge

Ever heard of the Indian proverb ‘Athithi Devo Bhava’, meaning ‘Guest is God’? Well, this one truly epitomizes what we Indians feel about our Guests, Gods and of course hospitality. Lucky are the ones who visit an Indian Home, for the red carpet is sure to be rolled out in their honor with the sound […]

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Dhoni must play 5 bowlers and bat himself at 6

Summer of 2011—India had Tendulkar, Dravid, Laxman, Sehwag, Zaheer and Dhoni, possibly the biggest ever line up. Each of those stars had played enough International cricket at that stage and, more importantly, had played enough in England to foresee what was in store for them. This was also the time when India had just won […]

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From Behita to Southampton

He hails from a small village called Behita located 7 kms from Amethi in Uttar Pradesh. Pankaj’s father had opted for the voluntary retirement from the Indian Army and worked as the Chief of Security in the HAL, the only industry in the area. Pankaj picked up the game of cricket in the premises of […]

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Shift the 'Ballance'

On my recent trip to England, I had an opportunity to visit Lord’s and meet one of my favourite cricketers Jason Gillispie. That’s as good as it can get, a tempting rendezvous at an enviable venue, what more could I have asked for!  He’s the coach of Yorkshire, who on that day, were taking on […]

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Rob Sam of Big Runs

The Insider I like Sam Robson. I like all orthodox Test batsmen and he’s one of them. In today’s day and age when young batsmen around the world would rather know the ways to find the fence, he’s one of the few good men who spend hours to know where his off-stump is. He has […]

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How to Cook Alastair

The English love their fish and chips, perhaps the reason why their Test captain has been found guilty of fishing outside off often over the last 12 months. Alastair Cook hasn’t scored a Test century for 25 innings and more than the lack of runs, it’s the mode of his dismissals that should be a […]

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Rahane and Uthappa impressive but need fine-tuning

On most days you’d be forgiven for avoiding an India-Bangladesh encounter but if you call yourself an Indian cricket fan and want to know about India’s future, you would do well to keep an eye on this three-match series. First match of the series saw a new opening combination of Uthappa and Rahane for India, […]